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Blog Post:  How to choose your Gynaecologist?

Gynaecologists are doctors who have specialist training in women’s health. They specifically look after women who are experiencing issues with their reproductive system. Seeing the right gynaecologist will depend on what type of gynaecological problem you have and what your gynaecologist specialises in.


Get A Referral

A referral from GP is a good starting point. Another option and great way to tell whether a gynaecologist is worth seeing is if the people you trust — like your female friends and relatives can vouch for them. When you ask for recommendations, find out about important factors like the doctor’s skills, experience, and bedside manner.

Also checking their ratings online can help. You will also see a list of patient comments and starred ratings. One or two negative reviews among many good ones is probably nothing to worry about, but dozens of poor write-ups should be a big red flag.


Research the Gynaecologist’s Credentials

Experience and appropriate credentials are important factors to consider. Some acronyms following a doctor’s name and physician degree often depict an elected professional designation that is obtained by those that have achieved excellence in the field of gynaecology.


Consider the Gynaecologist’s Experience

When you are dealing with the sensitive area of the female reproductive system, appropriate experience matters. Fellowship training in one of several subspecialty areas is valuable. These subspecialty areas may include urogynaecology, fertility and gynaecological oncology.



Find a Gynaecologist who shows an interest in getting to know you, who will consider your treatment preferences, and who will respect your decision-making process. You want to make sure that your questions will be answered in a way that you understand.



This is the doctor who will be performing your gynaecologic exam and who will ask you highly personal questions about your reproductive health. You need to be completely comfortable with this person for the relationship to work.

Gender may be an issue when it comes to choosing a gynaecologist. Some women do prefer being seen by a doctor of the same gender. Some cultural or religious backgrounds will direct a woman to a female doctor. If you would prefer to be cared for by a female gynaecologist, factor that into your choice.


As a female, finding the right gynaecologist is important for your health and therefore needs to be experienced and that you trust. Getting recommendations and doing your research will help find the right gynaecologist for you!


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